Wellard Daedrick III was a rising anthropologist with a specialization in chemistry and a deep interest in mythology and lore.  Daedrick studied at the University of Sentoa under the great masters of the time. He quickly became a top student and a favorite amongst his professors.  

Life's WorkEdit


Daedrick went on several expeditions as a fellow during his time at the University of Sentoa.  Once Daedrick was free of his obligations to the university he dedicated his life to studying the downfall of civilizations long since gone.  For the first seven years of his career he led a small team on 26 different expeditions.  Daedrick's team was able to solve the dissappearances of 25 of those civilizations, most notably the Xepherytes.  Daedrick is also credited for his discovery of Korifi Sickness and the subsequent treatment.

During the last 3 years of his career Daedrick became obsessed with the one mystery he was unable to solve, the Beaton Ossuary.  Several colleagues left his side after the first year as they had grown spoiled by the success of previous expeditions and lacked the patience to persevere.  Those that remained left Daedrick's side within the following year, driven away by his increasing fanaticism.  At that point Daedrick became a one man expediction crew.  His only human contact was with the supply boat captain who would visit once every fortnight, aside from delivering supplies the capatin also picked up Daedrick's letters.  Throughout his career Daedrick sent letters twice monthly to his mentors at the university, the letters read more like journal entries than traditional correspondance.



After Daedrick failed to meet with the supply boat captain two visits in a row a search party was sent.  Daedrick's corpse was found on the third day of the search.  He was in one of the many chambers of the burial complex.  There was no sign of physical struggle or any obvious cause of death.  The men who discovered Daedrick's body stated that they would never be able to forget the image.  They said his posture was relaxed like that of a sleeping child but the look of terror in his eyes was unparalleled to anything they had ever seen.  

Daedrick's death came as a surpise to the academic community.  Through his correspondence it appeared that he was getting closer and closer to solving the mystery and there had never been any mention of danger or the presence of others in the Ostuary.  

Since Daedrick's death there has not been a single recorded expedition to the Ossuary. Rumors of what is now known as "Daedrick's Curse" still float around the communities of both scholars and adventurers.  

-Alaria Leteva Xanu