The following is not intended to generate new content but merely organize all of the major people and locations encountered thus far.  The list of canon has been growing quickly, and I believe this format might be a useful companion to the timeline.  If you see something incorrect or out of place, please feel free to make any modifications you see fit.


First GodsEdit

  • Asyi (patron of Knedun-Kep and Analur)
  • Kolis (all-purpose bogeywoman)
  • Yaca (patron of Kolikoli; male in orthodoxy, female or hermaphroditic in numerous premodern traditions)
  • Yamari (bride of Yaca; patron of Yacata City)
  • The Voiceless King (patron of Erissa)
  • Amabab the Runner (patron of the Labyrinth Canals)
  • Edergis (patron of Maban; lover of Yamari, which relationship features in innumerable examples of instructive pottery)
  • Tsa (patron of Giragis; does a lot of smiting)
  • Knedun (patron of Tsabava, the Seriously Creepy one)


Godking EraEdit

Postmandrian AmfalEdit


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Geographical RegionsEdit

  • Gyaros: small farming island of Southron Islands
  • Southron Islands
  • Xaq Island: prominent island of the Southron Islands


  • Celestua: Ruins; known for its Arcades.
  • Erissa: Longest continually occupied settlement.

Natural LocationsEdit

  • Mount Yacata: