688px-Eye of patient with Coats' disease

Late-stage patient with Korifi Sickness exhibiting the telltale darkening of the eyes

Korifi Sickness is a debilitating disease that afflicted only those with some level of Divine Blood, however minor. Its mechanism of action was discovered by Wellard Daedrick III who later found a cure. Before Daedrick's work with the Sickness, urban legends attributed the cause to everything from goat feces to overindulgence in mulled wine.

Daedrick's seminal work on the Sickness, Examinations of the Korifi Sickness in the Peoples of the Dashaal Reaches, layed out a theory that was revolutionary. Each and every patient who came down with the Sickness, he argued, had some portion of Divine Blood. This came as quite a shock to some fathers who had none in their history and whose wives had neither. The theory was that an overabundance of thermatological energy that naturally occurs even in those with rather minor levels of Divine Blood. DNA analysis of his infected patients showed the same mutation in the aSJF gene inhibited the ability of the afflicted to disperse the energy along the TAAR1 pathway.

Daedrick found that the Singh Clan had no incidence of Korifi despite a long history of preserving Divine Blood ancestry (and thence impressive feats of magic). Long research into their customs and mores revealed that everyone in the clan regularly drank Mallorean tea. Chemical analysis of the tea showed that it contained a set of chemicals which replicated the TAAR1 pathway through the digestive system and allowed the dissipation of excess thermatological energy through the urine. With this knowledge, he brought Mallorean tea into common knowledge. Now, upon the first sign of Korifi sickness, the tea is brewed.

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